Neil Cave

Photography or Art?

Neil Cave

At the age of just 6 Neil was given his first camera, a 126 Kodak Instamatic. This was to be the start of a lifelong love affair with photography. For his 11th birthday Neil was bought his first SLR Camera and then things got serious! After spending most of the 90‘s shooting on Medium Format Film, 2001 Neil was lent by Fujifilm UK an S1 Pro Digital SLR. This was to be a revelation, not just for Neil but for so many Social Photographers around the world. The S1 Pro was streets ahead of anything else available at the time. At around £1500.00 it wasn’t cheap but it was clear to Neil that this was going to be the future of his photography. So from 2001 Neil went Digital and almost over night stopped using Film! This bought with it so much more than a change in working practises. It gave photographers total control of their workflow. But for Neil the biggest single thing it did was to open up the flood gates of creativity. Digital photography is so much more than just taking pictures - it’s an art form....

Nowadays Neil is still exclusively digital shooting with Nikon D3x & D3 cameras and using only Nikon optics. As a self taught photographer much of Neil’s passion has been born through watching and listening to others with the same drive and motivation as himself. Wedding Photography is just one of the areas that earns Neil his living but this is a far cry from where it all began. In his teens and still today Neil is regularly found photographing the great British landscape and his other passion of preserved steam. Neil thinks nothing of driving hundreds of miles in a day to capture the ultimate images whether they be a landscape of a piece of industrial engineering in the form of a British built Steam Locomotive.

Neil says he owes much of his passion to less than 3 or 4 people that have come into his life at various stages but without them being their at the time they were, things could have been so different.

To Neil photography is about being inspired to capture and print beautiful pieces of fine art....

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