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What is a Fine Art Print?

Fine Art Prints may be “artists’ prints” – handmade by artist-printmakers or digital (giclée) or photomechanical reproductions (offset lithographs).

Artists’ Prints

Artists’ Prints are handmade and are not reproductions of paintings: the print is a unique work of art. The term covers a range of printmaking techniques such as etching, woodcut, engraving, screen print and linocut. Editions tend to be less than 200, partly because the materials used to make the prints wear out. This type of print is sometimes called an ‘original print’.

Giclée and Prints on demand

Giclée prints are made using digital printing technology, usually inkjet. The technology enables printers to produce a small run of prints. It also allows retailers to offer ‘print on demand’ services, where buyers select an image and it is printed out there and then. Digital print technology can also be used by artists to create original prints, Giclée's are not always reproductions. A giclée is the term for a fine art digital print, often a reproduction and occasionally a computer generated original. It is made from a file stored on a computer. Before the advent of fine art quality digital prints, the vast majority of fine art prints were made using offset lithography. Giclée is the French word for 'squirt', as this is the way that the ink is applied to the paper or canvas. Giclée prints have become an established part of the print trade in the UK since about 1999.

Print quality

Whichever type of print you buy, you should expect it to last. Artist Guild print standards requires paper to be at least 250gsm, with an acidity level of between pH7 and pH10, to minimise discolouring. Colours should be relatively lightfast, scoring 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale, the industry-standard measurement in the UK, or its equivalent. Reproductions should normally be close facsimiles of the original work. Printing should be clear with a good depth of colour. The inks and papers used are made by the top manufacturers. The inks are pigment, not dye based, the papers are of the required archival standard as tested by an independent UKAS laboratory. Accelerated UV testing, by the ink manufacturers, indicates that pigmented inks should have a life span of up to 200 years if displayed under normal lighting conditions.

Digital Capture & Giclée Printing

Reproducing "faithful to the original" Giclée Prints is an art form in it's self. Using the latest technology Ink2prints can capture and make a faithful to original Digital File of your Art that will remain available and unchanged for years to come. With prices starting at £29.17 plus Vat (£35.00) this service is a very affordable way to make money from your Art. To compliment this service Ink2prints can then make beautiful hand finished Giclée Digital Prints & Canvas' in a range of sizes up to 43 inches in width. With no minimum prints per order this service makes short run Limited Edition Prints an affordable option to Artists who want to maximise profit opportunities from their original Art. Print prices start from as little as £8.33 plus Vat (£10.00) for an A4 sized print. For further details on these and other services available from Ink2prints please feel free call them on 01264 323428 for a no obligation chat.

Limited Edition Fine Art Photographic Prints

No Photographer would be complete without seeing their work in print, so with Ink2prints fine art printing services available not just for Artists why not consider having your own images printed to the exacting standards that are afforded by Ink2prints? With over 30 different Papers and Canvas's available you are sure to find the right one to suit your image. Whether it be a high quality "photo paper" style or a 'fine art media" finish you are looking for Ink2prints are confident they will be able to offer you a professional and personal service. So why not give them a call to discuss your printing requirements and see your photographs turned into stunning pieces of art?

Neil's Limited Edition Prints

As the statement above says, "no Photographer would be complete without seeing their work in print". If you would like to buy any of the images previewed here on Neil's website please contact him via the Contact Page and he will contact you personally to discuss the image you like and the print options available to you. Neil has many images not previewed on this website, if you would like to see an extensive range of his work stretching back many years please visit his personal Flickr Site or his MobileMe Galleries.

All images used on, photography by Neil Cave (Flickr) & Neil Cave on MobileMe are subject to © Copyright 2011.